My Life in Naive Art

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My Life in Naive Art


Vera working on ‘Leaving Bethlehem’

My Studio

My Studio

Hello world!

* Gender: Female

* Astrological Sign: Leo

* Occupation: Fine Art Naive Style

* Location: Kinka Beach : Queensland : Australia

I was born in Dolni Sucha, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic), raised in post-war Austria and settled in Australia in 1970. I developed as a painter in Grantville, Victoria in 1978. SOLO EXHIBITIONS: Gallery Art Naïve, Melbourne; Australian Naïve Gallery Sydney;Art Horizon Gallery, Melbourne; Elgin Gallery Carlton. GROUP EXHIBITIONS: Queensland House, London; Musee L’Art Naif, Paris; Libby Edwards Gallery, Melbourne; Salon Des Arts, Melbourne; Baguette Gallery, Brisbane; Duke Gallery, Melbourne; Galerie Jeannine Blais, Canada; Galerie Je Reviens, USA;Queen Street Fine Art Gallery, Sydney; Broken Hill City Art Gallery Travelling Exhibition; Gannon House Gallery, Sydney; Art Images Gallery, Adelaide; Some Days Are Diamonds Gallery, Adelaide; Michael Commerford Gallery, Sydney; High on Art Gallery, High St., Armadale; The Gallery, Cowes, Victoria; Lauraine Diggins Fine Art; with ‘Naifs Senza Frontiere’ Modena, Italy; The Gallery,Emu Park Fine arts Society. In 2006 together with my husband Robert, a retired pharmacist, now a volunteer Tai Chi Instructor, I moved to the Queensland Capricorn Coast where I paint as much as possible and Robert teaches Tai Chi in Bell Park, Emu Park, The Bluff Picnic Area, Kemp Beach & at the Livingstone Community Development Centre.

“Naive Art”


* V Carapic: ‘Naïve Art in Australia, Canada and Europe’ Duke Gallery, Melbourne 1994.

* ‘The Melbournian’ August 1993; April 1994

* ‘Melbourne Report’, October 1992

* ‘Math and Art Book’, Houghton Muffin Company, Boston 1992.

* O.B. Merin, B. Tomasevic: ‘World Encyclopaedia of Naïve Art’, Frederick Muller, London 1984.

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12 thoughts on “My Life in Naive Art

  1. Hello, I am Rudolf Nesetril from the Czech Republic, the husband of your half-sister Ludmilla, who also was born in Lower Suché.Byli, we would like you to have any contact, whether by e-mail or skype or facebook and best regards, Rudolf Nesetril possible answer, please send an e mail

  2. Love your artwork Vera. I saw a few of your pieces in the Gallery in Emu Park today.
    Great detail, interesting content, and I just adore the rich colours.

  3. Still got your beautiful gift of painting naïve. love it…Michael has your earlier work in his abode now. Love from your old friend lynne..libby

  4. Hello Vera, just wanted to wish you and Robert a happy New Year good health and best wishes for 2019. Lucia from London XX

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